The afternoon of the 2nd of June is the date for an important event. This event is devoted to creating connections between retrofits and local economic growth through support of innovative SMEs, using the example of exciting, new RBS programmes of SME support that demonstrate how other organisations can similarly support community mobilisation.

The afternoon will also feature the launch of the inaugural retrofit projects, programmes and services that are growing through the Cambridge Retrofit programme, in coordination with the Action on Energy and Mobilising Local Energy Investment initiatives in Cambridgeshire.

The three initiatives span the range of public and private sector sponsors and of building types, and are united in their goals of reducing the carbon emissions and energy costs for the local community.


  1. Demonstrate how SMEs can become part of the supply chain for low carbon solutions, enhancing the local economy.
  2. Raise the profile of Cambridge Retrofit, Action on Energy and MLEI programmes in the Cambridge community through introduction of inaugural projects.
  3. Explain how these three initiatives are collaborating in support of the local community.
  4. Create networks of demand for and delivery of retrofits through projects with all three programmes.

To find out more about how you can help with the Cambridge retrofit project please register.

Cambridge Retrofit project to cut carbon emissions backed by climate change secretary Ed Davey

Left to right: Sue Mehrer, Xiang Cheng, Claire Hopkins, Julian Huppert, Ed Davey, Doug Crawford-Brown, Anne Jarvis, Rob Crowther, Sian Reid, Jonathan Barrow

Left to right: Ed Davey, Doug Crawford-Brown,Julian Huppert, Sian Reid

The visit of Ed Davey to Cambridge Retrofit and the University Library site, brings a strong national focus onto our local efforts. As Minister of Energy, his policies are crucial in providing the incentives for energy efficiency improvements. His visit signals an understanding of how those policies will influence projects such as the University of Cambridge Library building, which is one of the first to contribute to the aims of Cambridge Retrofit. It is setting the template for the dozen(+) inaugural projects that Cambridge Retrofit partners have in the pipeline, and is heartening to see that both the Minister and our MP (Julian Huppert) are bringing that template to the national stage.

"Cambridge Retrofit brings together the private and public strengths of the community to reduce emissions and drive economic growth."

The Rt Hon Edward Davey MP
Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.


 is a landmark community-scale energy efficiency initiative to retrofit buildings over the next 30 years, helping make the Cambridge area the first to reach national carbon reduction targets.

Through our network of businesses, estate firms, building/home owners, local authorities, financiers, academics, national government, contractors and tenants, we cordinate large-scale suites of retrofit projects. This drives down costs, attracts finance and ensures we keep to our ambitious timetable. Our projects focus on all aspects of energy in buildings from thermal envelopes to energy supply to lighting to plug load, and can be linked to more general refurbishments aimed at improving the quality, value and comfort of buildings.

A door, not a recipe

Our process supports communities of action rather than providing a library of generic advice. This is because there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to improved energy efficiency or ways of delivering those solutions. The "doors" into these communities allow you to focus your attention onto the materials, events and projects that serve your interests and needs. To learn more about our programme, navigate using the menu at the top of this page.

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