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Cambridge Retrofit sponsors events to bring together the partners and to inform the local community. These are supplemented and complemented by other events in the local area on topics relevant to retrofits, building finance, etc. We will keep you apprised of these as well. Return to this page regularly for updates.


June 2014: Cambridge for Cambridge

TOPIC: A focus on the inaugural projects, linking these to programmes of SME support at RBS as part of their broader programme of community engagement in Cambridge, and providing a Meet the Buyers opportunity (organised by Cambridge Cleantech) for SMEs to speak with project managers and the larger retrofit delivery providers so those SMEs can become parts of the supply chains to retrofits.

TIMING: 2 June

VENUE: Roger Needhams Building, University of Cambridge

This is an invitation-only event


April, 2014: The Retrofit Conference

TOPIC: Bidwells, National Trust and Chartered Institute of Building are sponsoring an event in Cambridge with a "focus on the practical, financial and strategic issues and solutions associated with retrofitting listed, historical and traditional buildings".

TIMING: 9 and 10 April

VENUE: Queens College, University of Cambridge

For details, visit


February 2014: e-luminate Festival

e-Luminate will held its second annual festival of artistic applications of lighting technologies. Many of these technologies are appropriate to building retrofits.

"e-Luminate Festivals promotes collaboration between artists and innovative technologies to inspire creative approaches and new solutions to energy and lighting challenges. By creating a truly original light festival we aim to ignite international interest in the innovative strength of the Cambridge cluster".

The festival will be repeated in 2015. Learn more - including how to feature your lighting innovation in the festival - by contacting Alessandra Caggiano at director(at)


November 2013: Places of Worship as Sustainable Buildings

TOPIC: Places of Worship are an interesting sub-category of non-domestic buildings, with both architectural and service challenges. This event will explore how retrofits and other measures can improve the sustainability of such buildings.

TIMING: Thursday 28 November, 6 for 6:30 PM

VENUE: Anglia Ruskin University, Room Lab 005

For details, contact Nigel Cooper at:

October 2013: Retrofit East England: Assessing Regional Retrofit Opportunities

TOPIC: The Retrofit East conference explores the challenges and shares solutions to domestic and non-domestic retrofit at both a national and regional level. Drawing on the pioneering and innovative projects and ideas already emerging in the region, the event will provide vital insight and information that will help organisations develop their retrofit strategies.

TIMING: Tuesday 22 October - 8:30 to 16:15.

VENUE: SmartLIFE Low Carbon Centre, Cambridge

For details, go to


June 2013: Sustainable Retrofit Challenge

TOPIC: GreenBRIDGE and the Living Laboratory for Sustainability are holding a series of presentations by students competing for a sustainable retrofit award in Cambridge.

TIMING: Wednesday 26 June - 6 pm with drinks reception to follow. Dr. Brenda Boardman will be giving the keynote speech on Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment. Thursday 27 June - 2 pm with drinks reception at 4:30 pm is the timing of presentations by the teams in the competition and announcement of the winner

VENUE: Pfizer Lecture Theatre, Chemistry Department, Lensfield Road.

To register, please email


July 2013: The Smart Meter Roll Out Programme & the Related Smart Home Opportunities 

TOPIC: The risks and rewards of the smart meter roll out programme and the link to the commercial opportunities for ‘smart homes’

TIMING: Wednesday 3 July 2013, 17:30 - 20:00

VENUE: Deloitte, City House 126-130 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1RY

Register through Cambridge Cleantech. Learn more...